My Baby 2


My Baby

She was my sweetie pie

So gentle and loving

Loved to be close

For some kissing and hugging


She would lick me in the face

So full of affection

Scratch me with her paw

As to say,”Give me some attention”


I’d take her for walks

The children would crowd

She was light on her feet

And she stood tall and proud


By now you may realize

My sweety’s not human

She’s a four-legged creature

A cat you may be assuming


She was part cocker part poodle

Odie was her name

She was so scraggly she was cute

But I loved her just the same


Never knew how much I would miss her

When that sad day came

I grieved for weeks

My heart was filled with pain


It’s been two years now

It hurts a little less

I smile when I think of her

She truly was the best

Joseph Kozan


My GMC Trucks

My Current 2000 GMC2002 4x4There are some things that us men can’t get enough of, whether it be sports or fishing or any number of hobbies. It’s what defines  us as men.  For me, it’s my GMC trucks.  My first was a blue 96′  GMC Sonoma. Four years later I moved up to the 2ooo GMC  Sierra four door extended cab two wheel drive (not pictured). I had four different 96'  GMC Sonomared GMC Sierra trucks. That fire red is hard to beat. I 2000 GMConly have pictures of three of them. A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. For me, GM quality is the only way to go. I love my GMC trucks…The longest lasting most dependable trucks on the road. These Sierra Vortec V8 engines are die hards. My 2000 GMC Sierra, pictured to the left, had over 170,000 miles and ran great and was quiet as new. Now my brother has it and it is still going strong.

One thing on my mind that is putting a damper on my loyalty to GM is,”Why did they take the stimulus money from Obama?” I don’t know what to make of it. I think it was a bad decision.

Why Do I Want Obama To Fail?

I found this comment as a response to the Obama 2016 video.

The reason we want obama to fail so bad is because obama wants communism ( it is disguised as socialism ) so we want him to fail because we do not want communism, we do not want socialism, we do not want to burn The Constitution of these United States. That is the LAW of America. We are a Constitutional Republic and we want to stay that way. Obama wants that removed and replaced with his government controlled laws. So, we want him to FAIL at his attempt to destroy America, because that is what is happening. He is destroying America and all she stands for. You should want him to fail also. Your life will be adversely effected as will all our lives should he achieve his goals. You must read The U.S. Constitution, The Bill of Rights, The Declaration of Independence. Then you will understand it all better. Those documents are what built this country. Our forefathers escaped socialism, communism and government tyranny and came here to a new land to have a better life, and the U.S. Constitution, The Bill of Rights, The Declaration of Independence are the documents they wrote to live and ensure ALL PEOPLE live a better life. Not only did these people write these documents, they then had to fight a war with the country of England in which they fled from to enforce those documents they wrote. They fought for freedom and our men & women in the military today and through out our 236 years as America, are still fighting for freedom. Why would we want obama to succeed if he does not respect the laws of America? If he does not honor freedom? Why would you not want a liar and a criminal with forged I.D. to fail and be removed. The question is: Why do you not want obama to fail? “THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO DON’T WANT TO DISCLOSE THE TRUTH ARE PEOPLE WITH SOMETHING TO HIDE” – BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA 2008 …… I hope that answers your question.

My 2005 Honda Odyssey

As nice as my 2008 Sedona EX was with all the power options you can get, this 2005 Honda Odyssey EXL is for sure an upgrade. I do miss the power liftgate though…and the DVD player and the parking sensors.a25ce839098e78c0244d594cd19a945cx

My Visit To Thompson Kia, Fallston, Md

I had been thinking about maybe selling our minivan and was wondering what we could get for it. My family and I really loved our minivan and were willing to sacrifice it to get a better grip on our financial situation. You see, I was living paycheck to paycheck almost right to the penny. We all needed some relief.

I received a notice in the mail from Thompson Kia regarding my 2008 Kia Sedona EX minivan that I had purchased from them in December 2008. It informed me that there was a shortage of Sedona mini vans and they would like to buy back my van. I thought, I’ll go check it out. Maybe I could get a good offer and improve my financial situation. Later I realized it was just a ploy to get me in the showroom. (I know; it’s business).

It was a beautiful morning on March 9th of 2011. My wife, two-year old daughter and I woke up anticipating to enjoy the day doing fun things together. Little did I know what was about to happen to us that day.  I had planned to go to Thompson Kia for service and I figured while I was there I’ll do some research.  (Looking back I wish I had stayed home.)

My wife was baby sitting a one year old and we brought her along with us also. While the girls were running and playing in the showroom I met the sales manager, the salesman and the finance manager. We talked a bit and I explained my situation to them. They were very kind and attentive to what I was saying. It was a very nice atmosphere.

I was looking for a reasonable deal and hoped we could  work one out that would be beneficial to all of us. Well, they played me well. They saw a weakness in my demeanor (I was gullible) and focused on convincing me what a great deal they were offering me and how it would help relieve some of my financial strain.

It sounded good in the moment and I bought it, hook, line and sinker. I have no doubt that the finance manager and the sales manager knew what they were doing and how well they were making out in the deal (and believe me, they made out very well).

I had a gut feeling that something was not right and I asked them to explain it to me more fully.  The finance manager continued to explain how my financial obligations would be much easier to be met. I believed what he told me, that it was a “good” deal.

Like a fool I trusted them and their enticing words as if they were my friends. They took advantage of my trusting nature (one of my flaws) and I completely paid the price.

My Fully Loaded 2008 Kia Sedona EX Minivan

When it was all said and done, my debt was over twice my original debt of $7000.00 when I arrived and I had downgraded to a lesser vehicle to boot (2009 Kia Sportage LX). It had three times the mileage of my Sedona. To this day I don’t know what I was thinking when I signed that contract?

Can anyone honestly believe that this is a better financial position to be in? I think not! What happened to old-fashioned integrity and fair business practices? I was fooled big time and I fell for it. What they did was inexcusable. They offered me a shady deal and legally stole my top of the line, low mileage, all power, leather, DVD system, sun-roof Kia Sedona mini van from me. Shame on them!  Shame on me for trusting them! I just didn’t believe a well-known reputable business would take advantage of me like that. I don’t know how they can live with themselves. Now my financial situation is worse than ever.

Today is March 15th, 2011 and I am (very sorry to say) that this is a true story. I hope soon I’ll be able to eat and sleep normally and enjoy my family again. I am so ashamed to have let this happen to me and my family. I know God will help me and my loving family to put this tragedy behind us. We are moving on. I hope this story helps someone not to make the same mistake that I made.

Leave your title home and Don’t Sign That Contract!

Joseph Kozan

Edgewood, Md.

Update: October 13, 2011

It is now 7 months later and I am still struggling….

Update: October 13, 2012

Thompson Kia is out of business. Dishonesty doesn’t pay. I miss my Kia Sedona…

Hello Philippines

Saint Illian’s, Makati

My connection to life in the Philippines started back in February, 1992. I use to work the night shift at a local Baltimore Giant Food store stocking shelves. One night I found a note in a case of  Delmonte pineapples which read,”pen pal wanted, good moral character with pleasing personality.” I responded and became pen pals with a very sweet and kind young lady named Erlinda  from the Philippines. I accepted an invitation and my first visit to the Philippines was in October,1993. It was my first experience flying and I loved it.

When I arrived in the Philippines I was  overwhelmed with the friendliness of all the people. I enjoyed spending 10 days with Erlinda and her  family in Misamis Oriental. We had such a great time together, except for the mosquitos (I thank God for mosquito nets). As my tour guides,  Erlinda and her family made my stay as pleasant and exciting as possible. I’ll never forget the wonderful experiences I had on my first visit to the Philippines.

As the months and years passed by, I  remembered the friendly people of the Philippines and wanted to go back. I was still single and decided, through the help of God and the internet, to  find my future bride. After praying for guidance, I met a very sweet young lady named Gina on the internet. We chatted for about four months, talked about marriage and made plans to meet after Christmas 2005.

I got on the internet and researched flights to the Philippines. I found Cheapo Air to have the best rates. I booked a round trip flight and was on my way. This was my second experience flying and I loved it. (What can I say, I love to fly.) So after a long 25 hour flight, I arrived in Manila to meet Gina. Continue reading